48 Days and Counting

Some time last year, Grandpa conceived of a creative way to travel to the 2008 Monroe Reunion. Buy a motorhome and visit all places significant on his way out to the Olympic peninsula. He probably calculated the average wait time at airport security and figured that a cross-country trip would be a better use of his time.

Only two other family members match the main criteria for this endeavor (lack of sense and employment): me and Mom. Alas, three generations (one Old Fogey, one Wahoo, and one Whipper Snapper) of Monroes/Sadtlers will be traveling across the country en route to Fort Worden State Park. If I get my hands on a wireless card between then and now, we will blog on a regular basis. If not, we will drop in from time to time with pics and updates whenever we approach civilization.

The trip begins on July 3rd.