And they’re off!!

Although I haven’t spoken with either Barbara or Earl (from here on out I will address them as most of you know them, rather than as “Mom” and “Grandpa.”), we have to assume that they headed off this morning from Kensington. After all, could you imagine Earl allowing himself to fall behind on Day One? We wish them Godspeed. They should be toasting marshmallows somewhere in Parkersburg, WV right about now. Just across the Ohio River they begin their stroll down “Amnesia Lane,” with visits to some key sites in Monroe, Stockton, and Lord history. Also included is Athens, OH, where Barbara went to college.

Fun Fact: Parkersburg is home to the Bureau of Public Debt, a division of the US Treasury. By the way, several “fun facts” will appear in the coming weeks. Most of this information, much like my Master’s thesis, is a series of Cut/Pastes from Wikipedia. So, let’s play a fun game! Look at the itinerary (it’ll be on the main page, eventually), and find a city that we will soon be visiting. Go on Wikipedia and contribute some odd tidbit of trivia–something completely implausible whose mere suggestion draws looks of disbelief. Then, wager with fellow Monroe’s as to whether or not I will, at some point, quote this tidbit as if it were empirical fact! I look forward to what you cook up on “Hanksville, UT.”

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