“Mr. Monroe, it’s Murphy on line 1”

Well, as we were about to depart for our second day of frolicking in Glacier, we discovered a malfunction with the right, rear leveling jack. Two problems: how do we get this fixed, and how do we stop that horrible beeping coming from the dashboard. With the help from Earl’s “executive tool kit,” the second problem was easy to resolve…we disabled the damn thing. The first problem led us to leave West Glacier one day early and make our way to Spokane, where, thanks to persistence in calling different RV dealerships, we found a service rep that could get us a replacement jack by Monday. So, rather than zipping through Chewelah and Walla Walla, WA, we will take it at a slightly more relaxed pace.

I came on board this exercise with only one condition: that we stop at all state lines, when safe and legally arguable, to get my picture taken at each state line. It’s what I do instead of collecting snowglobes. So, at the Idaho/Montana line, we stopped in the parking lot of State Line Bar and Casino, and all three of us got in a picture before the Montana state line, three generations of Monroes commemorating their visit to the town where Barbara grew up, Earl spent some of the happiest years of his life, and Ted plans to move to once he can convince Julie to do so.

The repair detour has led us to an unexpected stay in Sandpoint, ID. This reminds me. Julie, if you don’t want to move to northern Montana, how about northern Idaho? (Marriage is all about compromise.) However, our spirits are still high. Although repairs are neither convenient nor fun, particularly for the one paying the repair bill, little seems affected in regard to our itinerary.

We dined in the Ranchette this evening on a two-course meal: cheese fondue as an entree and a York Peppermint Patty for dessert. Our lust for luxury knows no bounds. Continuing the geology video series will serve as the evening’s entertainment.

Tomorrow its off to Chewelah, WA, birthplace of Robert Earl Monroe.

One thought on ““Mr. Monroe, it’s Murphy on line 1”

  1. Dearest Ted, I’m happy to move to Montana or Idaho as soon as you can resolve the weather issue…they have snow there! I love visiting places with snow, but years of living in the north and shoveling my car out of six foot snow drifts has made me appreciate the climate of the southern US. You still have some work to do, mister. ;)PS – I see you’ve gotten your family to buy into your state sign quest (or would that be guilted into it?) Either way, that might be one of your best state sign pics yet! 😉

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