Last chance for FREE STUFF!!

Well, things have settled down enough for me to at least upload the remaining “best of” pics, and to share with you this last bit of “life in the motorhome with an Old Fogey, a Yahoo, and a Whipper Snapper.” But there’s a catch…

Now’s your chance to show how much you know about your relatives, the Monroetorhomers. You are about to read an account of a typical day on the Roaming Ranchette. You will find that the narrative is periodically interrupted by three choices in parentheses. One applies to Earl, the other to Barbara, the other to Ted. In some cases, one answer will apply to multiple people, in which case, only two choices exist. If you guess the most, you win the prize. Read the first comment for instructions on how to answer. Then, to submit your answers, post a comment. Submit answers in the following fashion:

Where E=Earl, B=Barbara, T=Ted, designate initial in the order in which it appears in the parentheses, for example number 1 might be (E, B, T) while number two might be (T, E, B). If there are only two answers, indicate a shared answer with an ampersand (&). For example, since #5 only has two answers, you might indicate (E & B, T).

Game on.

The morning begins (at the crack of dawn / whenever I feel like it / when everyone else starts making noise). I start the morning with (calisthenics / a 2-3 mile run / a 15 minute walk) followed by a light breakfast. Typically I indulge in (yogurt and cereal / oatmeal / raisin bread) which tides me over until lunch. Following breakfast I (spy on neighboring campers through my binoculars / read literature on the sites of the day / recharge electronics) until it is time to shove off. Before departing I (unhook water, electric, and sewer / retract the leveling jacks).

Once on the road, we take turns driving. For my part, when I’m at the wheel I drive (without glasses / with glasses / with sunglasses) and always with a sense of (confidence / purpose / nervous caution). As a passenger I typically (look out the window with awe / follow the map wondering, “Where does that river lead to” / read road signs aloud). When we stop at a particular site of interest, I take (pictures / video / my time), enjoying the scenery. During most of the day, I wear (flip flops / sneakers / walking shoes), except on challenging terrain.

We break for lunch at some time around noon, and stop at a rest area, park or other such spot. I enjoy (a salad / a sandwich with cold cuts / 1 cup cottage cheese and one half banana). Following lunch I (wash dishes / dry dishes / watch while cracking jokes about having hired help) and continue to enjoy the scenery for a short while. At some point in the afternoon, after four to six hours of driving, we arrive at our destination. After hooking up the motorhome, cocktail hour begins! I sit down and enjoy my (martini / gin and tonic / “Moose Drool” beer) and we all chat about the day’s events, scenery, or family history. Some nights we decide to watch another episode of the geology lectures, during which I (nod in and out / fall fast asleep / remain awake and alert).

Finally, as the final geology lecture ends I (fall into my ready-made queen size bed / convert the sofa to my full size bed / convert the dinette to my full size bed) and drift away to sleep. In the morning we repeat the process all over again.

Due to my prolonged silence, many may have assumed that I’ve abandoned the blog. So, we will give several days for you to post your response. I’ll be back next weekend to give the answers, announce the winners, and give my final thoughts on the Monroetorhome trip, the family reunion, and the American West.

3 thoughts on “Last chance for FREE STUFF!!

  1. Game on, indeed. But before we start, we have a question for you. Is this the way you quiz your hapless students?And now for the answers. Since you created a degree of difficulty by failing to number the questions, we’ll create a responding degree of difficulty by listing the answers from both of us (C for Charlie and J for Jean) on the same comment page. So here goes…#1 The morning beginsC: T, B. EJ: E, B, T#2 Start the morningC: T, T, BJ: E, T, B#3 Indulge inC: T, B, EJ: T, E, B#4 Following breakfastC: E, B, TJ: E, B, T#5 Before departingC: T & EJ: T & E, E#6 At the wheelC: E, B. TJ: E, B. T#7 Always with a sense ofC: E, T, BJ: E, T, B#8 As a passengerC: E, B, TJ: E, B & T, E#9 I takeC: B, T, EJ: B, T, E#10 I wearC: T, B, EJ: T, B, E#11 I enjoyC: B, T, EJ: E, T, B#12 Following lunchC: B, T, EJ: B, T, E#13 I sit down and enjoy myC: E, T, BJ: E, T, B#14 During which IC: B, T, EJ: E, B, T#15 As the final geology lecture ends IC: E, B, TJ: E, B, TAnd if the free stuff involves the privilege of planning the next reunion, we’ll pass.

  2. I'm impressed by a)the attention to detail and b)the appalling amount of free time that Jean and Charlie have in crafting their answers in such a meticulous fashion. You guys MUST be fun to travel with.I'll withhold results, obviously, until all entries are in. But if this quiz is like those previous, you're odds are good, J & C, no matter how far off base you might be!! Thanks for playing, and for being the blog's #1 fans.

  3. Well, you know how it is with retirees: too much time on our hands and too much mischief up our sleeves. Hence our delight in crafting serious answers to frivolous questions.And speaking of time, we feel fortunate to have enough of that commodity to follow with great interest and appreciation the adventures of some of our favorite people. Congratulations, Ted, for taking the time to create a most interesting and informative blog.

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