And the winner is…

Congratulations to the Cerar’s on their Gold and Silver medal finish in this, the first and final competition of the Monroetorhome 2008 Blog Inane Trivia Contest. Since there was no Bronze medal finisher, I declare myself the 2nd runner-up, and therefore keep the highly valued third place prize, the blazed orange Parking Violation warning sticker that the National Park Service places on all illegally parked vehicles at scenic overlooks. Yes, the Monroetorhomers were virtual outlaws, terrorizing Bryce Canyon National Park visitors by parking in parking spaces reserved for TOURIST BUSES. Have they no sense of decency??

However, after 15 rounds of arduous testing, the 1st runner-up, having answered 7 of the 15 questions correctly, is Jean Cerar. [applause]

And the winner of the Monroetorhome 2008 trivia contest, scoring 9 of 15 possible points, Charlie Cerar!!! [ovations and laurels descend toward the rostrum]

Jean and Charlie will receive prizes for their efforts just as soon as the Prize Selection Committee can convene to determine what those prizes are, just as soon as he finishes grading this set of quizzes sitting next to him.

Now, given my obtuse testing format, it’ll probably be easier for all if I adopt Jean and Charlie’s scoring method to show the correct answers.

Before I divulge the answers, might I mention how impressed I was that both respondents answered correctly that Barbara (and not Ted) is the one drinking “Moose Drool” beer during cocktail hour. This goes to show you how well they know their cousin Barbara as the bourgeois, ignoble, beer-swilling delinquent that we all know her to be. Either that or they just think that I’m an east-coast, gin and tonic, private school, fancy pants liberal.

Either way, they couldn’t be more right.

The correct answers are as follows:

#1 The morning begins

#2 Start the morning

#3 Indulge in

#4 Following breakfast

#5 Before departing
B & T, E

#6 At the wheel

#7 Always with a sense of

#8 As a passenger

#9 I take

#10 I wear

#11 I enjoy

#12 Following lunch

#13 I sit down and enjoy my

#14 During which I

#15 As the final geology lecture ends I

I will give you a day or two to soak in the correct answers. I will return in a few days with some final thoughts, and officially conclude the blog.

3 thoughts on “And the winner is…

  1. Congratulations to my spouse. All those hours he spent trapped in a van on the Mostly Monroe trips have finally paid off: Charlie knows us better than we know ourselves.

  2. FYI, Ted. Natalie is the our friend who recently moved to Dubai with her family. She is blogging about the experience at Since you and she started blogging at about the same time, we suggested she take a look at your blog to get ideas about format and substance.Congratulations to both of you for doing such great work with your blogs.

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