The Factotum’s Factotal

From the home office in Kensington, Maryland:

The Monroetorhome Monarch, the Soujourning Sovereign, the Ranchette’s Registrar reports the following fascinating and fiddling figures of most petty and picayune persuasion:

Total mileage: 8,168
Average mpg: 8.66
Occupant days in motorhome: 105
Cost per person, per day: $59.90

So, if we were to take as our model the good people of Packwood, Iowa, the Monroetorhome 2008 Cross-country Excursion rates a score of 8341.56 degrees of awesomeness. If you don’t understand the Packwood reference, scroll down, click on the link labeled “July”, take off your shoes, get something substantial to eat, and start reading.

To quote Earl in the entirety of his speech at the 2002 Branson Reunion, “It’s been a pleasure.”

Signing off.

One thought on “The Factotum’s Factotal

  1. Mr. Monroe;The beautiful cottonwood tree you spoke of in front of Zion Park Lodge is scheduled for destruction. I need your help in saving it. Please get out the troops you know who may wish to save it. The Parks number is(435) 772-0149. E-mail others you know. They could simply build a fence around it if they are worried about a hazard. Call me if you desire to know more or how to help. (435) 680-9853 Gil

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