Connectivity vs. connectedness

A little while ago I tweeted this:

It was an honest extemporaneous tweet, but I realized about a week later just how powerfully I have come to feel about this.  Recently I switched to Diigo from Delicious.  Prior to doing so my Facebook:Delicious time was probably 50:1.  More often than not my bookmarking routine was:

  1. half-read
  2. bookmark
  3. forget
  4. full-read someday while culling the bookmark herd
  5. forget again

Since exporting my Delicious to Diigo, my Facebook friends are messaging me to ask if I’m OK.  I’m more than OK.  I’m fantastic!  I’m reading bookmarks that my two Diigo pals @boadams1 and @occam98 have helped to highlight and comment on.  We’re debating facts, opinions, statistics, referencing other articles, and finding possible connections to our daily practice.

All this and I only have two friends!

Whereas I used to log in to Delicious to “check in,” I’m now “checking in” to Facebook.  In Diigo I’m having short but high-impact dialogues with esteemed friends about topics that delight or trouble me deeply.

For years I’ve enjoyed connectivity to content on the web.  Finally, I’m gaining connectedness.