Just how hard is “integrated studies” anyway?

As Co-director of PLCs in the Junior High, I have the exciting privilege (and obligation) to participate in each of the school’s PLCs: English, Math/Science, History, and Language.  Thursday was my first opportunity to observe another PLC in this capacity, and my very first visit to the History PLC.  Within the first few minutes I experienced what I had assumed I would have to wait weeks for: a common thread. Continue reading “Just how hard is “integrated studies” anyway?”

Experiment: Wordclouding our institutions

Whoops.  I wrote this a while ago and it sat in the Drafts folder until now.  This little activity was a lot of fun.  I recommend it to anyone:

A few days ago I sat in a session at the Lausanne Laptop Institute and learned about Tagxedo, an entertaining gadget that allows one to create word clouds using any shape imaginable.  The presenter encouraged us to tinker, so tinker I did.  I pulled up my school’s Mission and Philosophy Statement and our recently penned Learning for Life Vision Statement.  I was delighted by what I found: Continue reading “Experiment: Wordclouding our institutions”