Experiment: Wordclouding our institutions

Whoops.  I wrote this a while ago and it sat in the Drafts folder until now.  This little activity was a lot of fun.  I recommend it to anyone:

A few days ago I sat in a session at the Lausanne Laptop Institute and learned about Tagxedo, an entertaining gadget that allows one to create word clouds using any shape imaginable.  The presenter encouraged us to tinker, so tinker I did.  I pulled up my school’s Mission and Philosophy Statement and our recently penned Learning for Life Vision Statement.  I was delighted by what I found:

Mission and Philosophy Statement              Learning for Life Vision Statement

For those of you not familiar with The Westminster Schools, it seems to me that these two illustrations paint an accurate portrait the school that I have called home for 12 years.  At times they are at odds with one another, as any evolving institution is.  But often, in our best moments, these two personalities, if you will, exist in harmony, and even better, in mutual support or even better, in interdependence.

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