Train from Brig to Zermatt, Switzerland, 2007 Train from Brig to Zermatt, Switzerland, 2007

The basics:

  • Husband, teacher & coach
  • Spanish at a Middle School preK-12 independent day school in Atlanta, GA
  • Middle School Director of Teaching & Learning
    • I co-lead the Professional Learning Communities, which essentially means that I guide conversations about best practices and professional development.
    • I lead, coordinate, and develop professional development opportunities for the Middle School.
    • I serve as a coach to 5-10 Middle School faculty that seek to initiate or amplify an element of their practice.
  • Middle School Cross Country and Track & Field.
  • I have been involved with four summer experiential courses at my school (a Geology/Earth Science course through western US, a European History course through western Europe, a study abroad program in Argentina, and a course on water rights in Colorado, Utah, and Arizona).
  • Most of my spare time is spent outdoors running, wandering, motorcycling, and intermittently napping in public, natural places.  No kids, a lovely wife, two cats, one dog, and a home that seems to be addicted to cosmetic surgery.

I’ve had fleeting blog experience on the topics of education and travel.  Got a few hours to waste?  See below:

  • Classroom Earth Expeditions–Blog for the aforementioned course. I periodically reread it in order to relive it.
  • Monroetorhome–Read what happens when three generations of Monroe’s share a cross-country adventure.
  • Westminster in Argentina–A student-maintained blog that was never actually maintained by students.
  • The Golden Plunger–My thoughts during a year-long involvement in a teaching cohort.  I wouldn’t be here if I hadn’t first gone there. Unfortunately, it’s being overrun by ads and spam commenters.  It seems that the “free” account has its drawbacks.

Come find me on Twitter @senor206

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